Is Powder Shampoo Better Than Liquid Shampoo?

Is Powder Shampoo Better Than Liquid Shampoo?

Do you waste too much time washing your hair? For most people, the solution to this question is a thundering yes. Unless you are a man with a very short hair or your one of the few fortunate women with hair that is naturally beautiful, there is a better chance you consume way more time than you’d like drying and washing your hair. As an answer to this, some companies have come up with a product called powder shampoo to help you save water and time. But is it absolutely better than liquid shampoo? For more details read our article¬†

Powder shampoo is a true time-saver for everybody except for those who born with ideal maintenance-free hair. For the rest of us, washing hair can be a large trouble that must be followed up with heating and dry styling, not to mention an entire cargo of products. With this powder, you only have to shake a portion in near your scalp and then brush it out toward the ends of your strands to leave your hair looking like it was just repeatedly washed. You’ll still have to wash your hair from time to time but not as often.

Powder shampoo is also very simple to transport. Because it comes in tiny bottles, it’s ideal for traveling. It’s also very good to leave in your overnight bag because it removes the need to carry around all your hair care accessories like styling gels, hairsprays, and tools. All you need to use this product is a comb in order to help spread it smoothly but you could always mark with a towel at a pinch.

The main disadvantage of powder shampoo is that you really have to get the application right. You may not get the results you longing the first time you try it because there is a part of a method involved. It’s better to start with a few amounts and then add more if you think you need more. In another way, you could end up making your hair look dusty. You may have to try small different brands until you find one that works well in your hair. Some people find the spray varieties hard to apply when in fact others testify by them. Another problem for some people is that they can be very densely scented. There are much of choices for people who prefer more nice fragrances so try to check the scent before buying if possible.

Is powder shampoo better than a liquid shampoo? It’s not certainly better but it is a lot more appropriate. It’s better to use both together. You can wash your hair with shampoo on days that you have more time to get it really fill and clean in the gaps with hair powder on the days you are more hurried or if you have to run somewhere after the gym.

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